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Are you attending camp but don't have a church to register with?


Every camper must have an medical form & camper covenant signed by a parent or guardian.



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Deadine is June 24th, 2019

Camp Fee:  $130

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Steps to Register

1)  If you have a login & password, go to Step 2.  If not, sign your church up by clicking the top button on the left.  Write down the login & password you select.  The registrar will email you when you have been approved to register.

2)  Come back to this page and click the "Login" button.  You will be able to add, edit, and delete campers & sponsors from your list right up until National Camp.

3)  Check to make sure the information is correct for each camper & sponsor.  The more accurate your list, the faster registration will be on Monday at camp.  It will also ensure the cell group breakout goes as smooth as possible.

4)  Mail in your preregistration check of $10 per camper to the Treasurer to help with pre-camp expenses.  Make checks out to "National Camp" then mail them to:

new info to be posted soon...